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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor at the Watershed Management Conference. This is a great way to increase your company’s visibility and obtain new customers from various engineering industries. This conference offers many opportunities to reach new business through our sponsorship program. No matter the size of your company, you will find a sponsorship level to fit your budget.

To sponsor at the Watershed Management Conference, please contact Drew Caracciolo at +1 (703) 295-6087.

Sponsorship Prospectus (PDF)

Sponsorship Commitment Form (PDF)

Build Your Own Sponsorship Package


  • Put your information in an attendee’s hand by sending your information for display at the "Partner’s Booth." Or, go green, and opt to have a link to your website placed in the conference mobile app. (Unlimited opportunities)


  • One 1/4-page ad in the final program* (Six opportunities)

$1,000 each

  • Show a brief promotional video (no more than five minutes) during a luncheon
    (Six opportunities)
  • Send a promotional offer via email or mobile app push notification directly to attendees (Four opportunities)
  • Display your company’s ad on a custom a 3 x 8 ft showcase board* to be placed throughout the conference space (Unlimited opportunities)
  • One full-page ad in the final program* (Four opportunities)

$1,500 each

  • Claim exclusive naming rights to a technical session room (12 Opportunities)
  • Sponsor a networking break and have your company logo on the tabletop signage (Eight opportunities)

$2,000 each

  • Conference lanyards with company & ASCE-EWRI logo (One exclusive opportunity)
  • Your company logo on the cover of the final program (One exclusive opportunity)
  • Place your logo on a custom vinyl floor sticker (Unlimited opportunities)
  • Place your logo on the official EWRI Congress photo wall. Attendees will leave the conference with a great picture…featuring your logo in the background! (One exclusive opportunity)

$2,500 each

  • Feature your logo on the live stream of a keynote presentation or special "hot topic" session
  • 3rd Annual Stormwater Quiz Show (One exclusive opportunity)

$3,000 each

  • Place your logo on the hotel key card (One exclusive opportunity)
  • Be the company that helps attendees stay connected by becoming the Wi-Fi sponsor (One exclusive opportunity)
  • Place your company logo on the conference giveaway item (One exclusive opportunity)

$3,500 each

  • Mobile App sponsorship includes a “Sticky Banner” ad* on the home screen of the conference mobile app (One exclusive opportunity)

$5,000 each

  • Claim exclusive Naming Rights to a special event. Options include:
    • Opening Plenary Session
    • New Professionals & Younger Member Day
    • Welcome Reception


  • Company branded "Relax & Recharge Lounge" (One exclusive opportunity)

Sponsorship Tiers

(based upon the total dollar amount of sponsorship opportunities selected)

  • Diamond – $7,500 (includes one flex registration)
  • Platinum – $5,000
  • Gold – $3,500
  • Silver – $2,000

*You will be responsible for providing all artwork

Deadlines & Important Dates

All artwork, company descriptions (25 words or less) and payments are due by Wednesday, to ensure inclusion in the printed final program.

For additional details and questions regarding your participation at the 2020 Watershed Management Conference, please contact Drew Caracciolo at (703) 295-6087.

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